Top best fat burners for men and women

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People who have made the decision to become adherents of a healthy lifestyle, in most cases, pursue the goal of reducing their own weight. To do this, a person begins to attend various sports events, adding physical activity to his life, and follow a diet. And when all the actions taken cease to provide significant assistance in acquiring a slender figure, it is the turn of fat burners.

Top best fat burners for men and women

What are fat burners

Fat burners include special sports nutrition supplements. They influence the metabolic process, increase its speed. As a result of taking these supplements, there is a decrease in the amount of subcutaneous fat. Fat burners were originally developed for athletes. But over time, they began to be used by ordinary women and men.

The most common form of release is powder or capsules.

Also, fat burners can include drugs that suppress appetite or block fats and carbohydrates. These supplements do not burn anything, but only prevent weight gain and help diet.

How do they work

In the process of taking fat burners, the most rapid breakdown of lipids occurs. In this case, adipose tissue is used as the energy necessary for the body. This contributes to the formation of the necessary muscle relief.

Types of fat burners

Types of fat burners

In sports nutrition, most often they talk about such groups:

  • Lipotropics. They help speed up the process of depleting fat reserves. This becomes possible with a diet and a sufficient level of physical activity. Lipotropics among experts are considered the most harmless and mild in their effects on the human body. Their effectiveness is small, but there are no side effects and are even useful.
  • Thermogenics, you can also come across the name as thermogenics. Their action is based on a slight increase in temperature, which accelerates the metabolic process and suppresses appetite. Such drugs allow you to burn stored fat as an energy source.
  • Complex. They include both thermogenics and lipotropics, plus appetite suppressants. Such fat burners have the best effect.
  • Blockers of absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Such drugs do not allow the body to absorb fats, which contributes to their removal from it. They have a minimum of side effects. But they can prevent the absorption of beneficial fatty acids.
  • Diuretics. They remove excess fluid from the body. A powerful effect is achieved in tandem with the intake of other fat burners. The effect of diuretics is based on increased diuretic action.
  • Anoretics. They suppress the feeling of hunger. Available in the form of tablets or drinks. There are contraindications for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Not recommended for women.

Pharmacy fat burners

Fat burning products can be purchased at pharmacies. The most common form of release is tablets or capsules. The pharmacy also offers preparations made on the basis of homeopathic remedies. Their effectiveness leaves doubts.

Rating of the best fat burners

This drug is the most popular, which is used for weight loss. It belongs to complex means and has the best qualities of lipotropics and thermogenics.

Properties of Lipo-6 Black:

  • Quickly absorbed due to the liquid preparation in the capsule;
  • Has a long-term effect;
  • Reduces appetite;
  • Increases the speed of metabolic processes;
  • Causes a slight increase in temperature;
  • The presence of forms of yohimbine in the composition allows you to accelerate the release of fatty acids;
  • Helps remove excess fluid from the body.

How to choose

When choosing a fat burner, it is necessary to carry it out by gender. The composition of such supplements differs significantly due to who it is intended for. This is based on the difference in metabolic time, muscle fiber structure and other physiological characteristics of men and women.
Priority among drugs should be given to those that contain the predominant amount of components of plant origin.

How to choose

For men

Most fat burners are designed for men. The composition of such drugs should be:

  • Alpha lipoic acid. It removes sugar from the body.
  • Linoleic acid. This is a natural component of plant origin, which allows you to break down fats and at the same time increases muscle mass.
  • Green tea. It improves the metabolic process.
  • Caffeine. An additive with such a component can improve the functioning of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

For women

Preparations for women are strikingly different in composition from men’s. It depends on the hormonal characteristics, since in women most often the deposition of fat occurs in the form of cellulite. When taking fat burners, the female hormonal system cannot be disrupted, which can lead to serious diseases.

The best option for women would be taking thermogenics. They always contain plant substances: green tea, caffeine. Folic acid has a very beneficial effect on the female body, which must be taken into account when choosing a supplement. In this case, the appearance of nails, hair and skin will also improve.

In the composition of fat burners for women, the following drugs can most often be found: chitosan, tyramine, caffeine and fatty acids.


  • It is forbidden to take people with health problems.
  • Strictly follow the recommendations for admission and dosing.
  • It is necessary to consult with a specialist before starting the reception, it is he who will be able to choose the right drug, provide for the manifestation of side effects, and inform about contraindications.
  • It is forbidden to take it continuously, take no more than 12 weeks in a row.
  • The minimum break between courses should be at least 2 weeks.
  • Reception should be carried out along with a proper diet and exercise. It is necessary to regularly monitor the ratio of calories and nutrients consumed in food.
  • Attend sports regularly. This will help create a beautiful muscle relief and reduce weight.
  • Thermogenics should be taken along with a vitamin complex.
  • Take in the morning or before training.
  • Do not exceed dosage. Excessive consumption will be harmful to health.