Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The need for growth hormone in bodybuilding

As you know, after the teenage stage of development, the body stops producing new muscle cells. How much is laid down by nature in the human genotype, so much remains for life. You can force the body to increase the volume of already existing cells with the help of strength training. With the help of growth hormone, the ability to generate new muscle cells is stimulated, increasing their number.

High sports achievements are impossible without the use of pharmacological drugs, among which growth hormone (somatotropin) should be distinguished. Perhaps there is no such professional bodybuilder who would not use this tool to increase muscle volume, because the effectiveness of somatotropic peptide in power sports has been proven in practice.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Initially, the drug was recommended for children, adolescents and young adults to accelerate linear growth. In case of violation of the synthesis of one’s own hormone, a course of synthetic somatotropin was prescribed, which allowed a person to catch up with his peers in a short period of time. Later, it was noticed that the use of somatotropic peptide by adults accelerates the metabolism and helps to better absorb substances that are taken to increase muscle mass. So, growth hormone has become actively used in sports, and not only power, but also many other types. Let us consider in more detail its effect on the male and female body, as well as contraindications for use.

Growth hormone in sports for men

Somatotropin is produced endogenously by the pituitary gland, however, with age, the synthesis slows down, and for high sports results of the somatotropic hormonal enzyme, on the contrary, more is needed. Moreover, this applies to male athletes, whose voluminous muscles require constant replenishment.

The male body is different from the female, so the intake of drugs should also be adjusted. Growth hormone in sports for men plays a more important role than for women, since muscle volume is the main indicator of training effectiveness and an important factor in winning competitions. If we consider all the components of successful muscle building, the exceptional role of somatotropin for the male body becomes clear.

Growth hormone in sports for men

Muscle volume mainly depends on 5 important factors:

  • the presence of energy in the athlete;
  • ability to recover quickly;
  • strong immunity;
  • endurance and strength;
  • the body’s resistance to injury.

A man receives all this by taking growth hormone for sports. In addition, growth hormone itself has an anabolic and anti-catabolic effect, which causes an increase in muscle mass and inhibits the destruction of muscle fibers.

Growth hormone in sports for women

As mentioned above, the female body is different from the male, and therefore requires a slightly different approach to training and the use of sports drugs. In girls, muscle fibers are thinner, and the fat layer is larger, so the use of growth hormone in sports for women will primarily be aimed at reducing subcutaneous fat. This automatically leads to the fact that the muscles become more prominent, and the athlete is slimmer.

This is the primary purpose of growth hormone for women who are involved in power sports. In addition, do not forget that the level of testosterone in the fair sex is ten times lower than in men, so the muscles in volume are significantly inferior. But girls are naturally more enduring and flexible, which helps them perform more repetitions with maximum amplitude, and the use of somatotropin helps to do this many times more efficiently.

The effect of sports on growth hormone

Above, we examined the effectiveness of the use of synthetic somatotropic peptide to achieve high sports results. But the sport itself affects the production of its own growth hormone. Scientists have proven that intense exercise promotes good sleep and reduces blood sugar, which in itself increases the production of somatotropin. In addition, during strength and aerobic exercise, a double rate of growth hormone enters the bloodstream, which helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

The effect of sports on growth hormone

Growth hormone in bodybuilding

Growth hormone in bodybuilding has been used for a long time to get a beautiful and powerful muscle relief. He received his name for the ability to cause accelerated growth of the body up (increase growth). In addition to this undoubted plus, somatotropin has other positive effects:

  • Causes accelerated muscle growth;
  • Burns the fatty layer;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Helps build lean muscle mass;
  • Rejuvenates the body;
  • For people under 26 years old, who have not yet closed the “growth zones” adds growth and causes the growth of tubular bones, mainly limbs;
  • Stimulates the regenerative abilities of the body at an older age.

In addition, the feature of somatotropin to accelerate wound healing and reduce the number of sports injuries is the best suited for bodybuilding, with its intensity and injury risk of training.

Things to Remember

The course of application of somatotropin must be continued for 4-6 months, after which a break should be taken and peptides that stimulate its production can be used to start the production of one’s own endogenous somatotropin. Peptides are stimulants that increase the concentration of growth hormone in the blood up to 15 times. But, importantly, peptides in bodybuilding can completely replace the growth hormone course, minimizing the cost of the course you need.

Things to Remember

It is also worth remembering that growth hormone should not be combined with growth hormone stimulating peptides at the same time, since such a combination will not give a synergistic effect, but rather will reduce the effect of each of the drugs. Remember – high-quality peptides in bodybuilding can only be bought from trusted manufacturers. Only in this case, in the process of gaining a beautiful texture and muscle relief, you will not harm your health and will be satisfied with the results.

Growth Hormone Side Effects

Since somatotropin is produced by the body, “side effects” from the use of synthetic drugs (analogues of the natural hormone) rarely occur. Basically, side effects are due to the use of growth hormone for sports in doses higher than recommended. Exceeding dosages can lead to high blood pressure, fluid accumulation in the body, tunnel syndrome, drowsiness and fatigue. Use growth hormone for sports wisely, and side effects will bypass you.